Mini-Courses are added regularly throughout the year. 

Each min-course is designed to be downloaded, and printed for best results, to allow you to reflect while completing the handout. After completing the mini-course, you should have a better game plan for your classroom expectations and be ready to implement. 

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Learning Environments is designed to help you best create a classroom ready for students to feel safe and ready to learn. It’s more than desks and chairs to make it a successful learning environment. 


Classroom Management is designed to help with the management side of learning. It’s the routines and procedures to make your class run smooth and consistent for all students to succeed.


Building Relationships is focused on students and staff. Your students need to know you care before they are ready to learn. You are also working with a building of colleagues. 


Organizing Accommodations helps you better understand 504 and IEP lingo as well as knowing what your students need and how to keep it all in mind while teaching.


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