Monthly Membership

Take your teaching game up a notch with year-long support. 

Sure, if you are new, you should have a mentor for a year or two, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. 

Maybe you feel like you aren’t quite getting the classroom vibes you imagined? 

No matter your situation, extra support makes every teacher better. When the teacher is more successful, so are the students. 

The monthly membership provides the best deal. Each monthly module will release new topics each Sunday. Along with the handouts, you will find short videos with more tips and tricks designed to help you think through the topic and how you will implement it in your classroom. Some months have additional bonus material with the purpose of making you work smarter, not harder. 

We know teaching is hard and it can involve long hours wracking your brain for ideas, solutions, and all the behind the scenes work you might not have prepared for. That’s exactly why the Marigolds in the Making monthly membership can save you time, energy, and give you some much needed time outside of the classroom for your family and more. 

The Monthly Membership Plus gives you all of the perks of the monthly membership with an added perk of a monthly coaching call. This gives you a chance to ask questions, bounce ideas, and streamline your teaching needs.